Nursing Skills

Communication in Nursing | Nurse-to-Nurse Communication Skills

Communicating with other nurses is an important part of the nursing profession. Because nursing is a team effort, you'll want to develop basic, effective nursing communication skills. In this video, I'll discuss some basic tips that can help you get along with other nurses and communicate important information so that your nursing unit can run smoothly. Tip 1: Use good etiquette. You always want to say words like "please" or "thank you" when communicating with other nurses on your floor. Tip 2: Learn to read body language. There are times when you'll want to avoid talking with another nurse, especially if he or she is having a rough time. Tip 3: Use a compliment sandwich when criticizing or correcting a fellow nurse. This helps them to understand that you value and respect their work, yet it enables you to offer them advice on how to perform better. Tip 4: Clearly communicate your needs. Don't drop hints or expect your fellow nurses to read your mind. If you need help with something, ask a fellow nurse directly. In addition, offer to do something for them. Tip 5: Learn to give and receive a good nursing report. You don't want to be known as the nurse who gives a horrible report. Make sure to include necessary information when giving report, and try to make a mental note of things throughout your shift that you can tell the oncoming nurse.