PPE Training Video: Donning and Doffing PPE Nursing Skill

PPE training video: How to don and doff PPE (personal protective equipment) nursing skill tutorial. In this video, Nurse Sarah demonstrates one of the possible sequences for donning and doffing PPE. PPE is designed to protect nurses when working around potentially infectious agents. This is an important nursing skill that nurses and nursing students will need to learn, especially when working with certain patient populations or high risk areas. One sequence used for donning PPE, as demonstrated in this video, is the gown first, then the mask or respirator, the goggles or face shield, and finally, the gloves. You will also perform hand hygiene before and during the donning process, as Nurse Sarah demonstrated. When doffing PPE, the sequence demonstrated in this video is gloves first, then gown, then face shield/goggles, and then the mask or respirator. Again, you will perform hand hygiene during the doffing process as well. Please note: PPE donning and doffing sequences can and do sometimes change, so it's important to always follow the latest protocols set by your healthcare facility.