As the world celebrates International Nurses Day on 12 May, Afrinurse, a South African health tech start-up, has launched the inspirational #MyNurseHero platform in recognition of local nurses’ extraordinary work.

This is evident in South Africa, where nurses are praised for going above and beyond their duties, working extra hours than they expected and dedicating their time to their patients every week.

In recognition of these unsung heroes, South African health tech start-up AfriNurse is therefore launching a new campaign to celebrate the exceptional work performed by the country’s front-line nurses throughout Covid-19 and beyond.

AfriNurse, formerly known as Patient Health, was born from The Innovation Hub’s Maxum Smart Business Incubation programme which provides entrepreneurs with the skills to create successful businesses. The campaign #MyNurseHero aims to bring attention to the extraordinary acts of nurses and promote a positive change in attitudes towards nursing.

It is new My Nurse Hero online platform aims to utilise innovative technology and mass media to promote remarkable nurses and challenge the negative stereotypes which continue to harm the profession’s reputation. All organizations and individuals are welcome to use the platform to tell the inspiring story of a nurse in their life.

“The aim of our campaign is to support healthcare by boosting the morale of our local nurses, and driving public awareness of the vital role of nursing as a career and calling,” says Sylvester Msuthwana, founder and chief executive of AfriNurse.

“South Africa is home to many extraordinary nurses who are a credit to their profession. We hope to create an environment where these exceptional nurses are continuously celebrated by their peers and the public.”

Submitted stories will be featured on the online platform, and selected stories will also be featured in the Top 100 Nurse Heroes magazine, dubbed the “Forbes of nursing in Africa”.

Nonina Dube Diphoko and Dolly Dube-Diphoko are the first two candidates to feature in the magazine. These women have dedicated their lives and careers to helping people get through the most difficult and trying times. AfriNurse: Inspirational stories

Dolly opened and managed her own maternity clinic in the turbulent days of apartheid South Africa.

Inspired by her work, Dolly’s daughter Nonina also gave up her teaching career after her mother’s passing to take up nursing, and continue her mother’s legacy.

“These are the stories that have gone unheard and unnoticed – the stories about how our local nurses have fulfilled their oath with such grace that they have helped spark the rebirth of the nursing heroes of the generations to come,” says Msuthwana.

Advocate Pieter Holl is chief executive of The Innovation Hub. He adds that The Innovation Hub was proud to support this heart-warming initiative and congratulates the founders for creating such a positive platform for Health.

“We are extremely excited about the extraordinary work that AfriNurse is doing for the positive benefit of the country’s nurses and society. The #MyNurseHero is a platform where these phenomenal nurses can finally be seen and celebrated, and we cannot wait to follow the many amazing stories of their courage and commitment.”

Nonina’s mother and Nonina will be honored for their outstanding work on International Nurses Day in Boksburg, Gauteng on 12 May 2022.

AfriNurse has been described as a benefits and resources platform the platform supports nurses both as healthcare professionals and consumers. This platform connects nurses with employers in a unique way. It also provides members access to a wellness portal and nursing jobs board.

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