Few occupations are as essential to a country’s people as is nursing. Yet the nursing sector has seen very little innovation over the years, even as medical technology in hospitals steadily evolves.

Looking to bring nursing into the 21st century, AfriNurse in collaboration with AfroCentric Group, The Innovation Hub and mLab hosted its first hackathon event at The Innovation Hub’s Conference Venue in Lynwood, Tshwane on 17 June 2022, in which it challenged nine groups totalling 70 participants to develop innovative, game-changing ideas for modernising the industry.

Grouped nurses and student developers in their brainstorming session

In each group, nurses from the Tembisa Tertiary Hospital and Louis Pasteur Private Hospital teamed up with student developers from mLab Southern Africa to discuss some of the most pressing challenges currently facing nurses, explore possible solutions, and develop an actionable digital programme for overcoming the issue.

“We didn’t give the nurses any specific assignment. Instead, we asked them to consider the many conveniences that technology provides them within their lives outside of work, and then asked how that same technology could be used to improve their jobs,” says AfriNurse founder Sylvester Msuthwana.