Magazine to uplift morale within the profession

Afrinurse, a benefits and resources platform that supports nurses, is launching its inaugural campaign #MyNurseHero, where they will be collecting the top 100 nurses' stories to compile its first ever nurses magazine, called the Forbes of Nursing in Africa.

Documenting these 100 stories, according to the co-founder of the campaign Sylvester Msuthwana, aims to uplifting the morale within the nursing industry, while also celebrating the remarkable, untold stories of these healthcare professionals who sometimes go unnoticed.

The idea was sparked by his own story of being raised by a nurse, and seeing how nurses sometimes go the extra mile to bring forth results. This is, therefore, another way of honouring the heroes without capes.

“With what nurses have been through in the past two years, the morale being low and the struggles they face on a daily basis, we wanted to acknowledge them and shine a light on their good deeds," he said. The campaign will be launched today at the Eluthandweni Maternity Clinic in Vosloorus on the East Rand where they will be honouring Nonina Dube-Diphoko for the work that she does. Afrinurse is an innovative company that is seeking to create value for nurses not just as healthcare professionals but on a personal level. “With value comes celebrating these nurses and that is what we aim to do. Have people nominate a nurse for their hard work and we will document that story,” he said. Msuthwana said the campaign is also about reshaping the narrative that all nurses are bad, as there are good stories out there. “The top 100 stories will come from the public and some we will find. We will compile them into a magazine and then host a gala dinner to celebrate them,” he said.

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