with tools for job hunting, mental health, financial and physical wellness, and knowledge sharing

Patient Health Ltd has launched Afrinurse, a digital platform that aims to uplift and empower nurses in Africa by taking care of their overall wellness, mentally, physically and financially by enabling them access healthcare professionals online.

According to the International Council of Nurses, Covid-19 has intensified the trauma and stress that nurses encounter daily increasing the reporting of mental stress cases from 60% to 80%.Covid 19 has been a real challenge to nurses leaving them with no other choice but adopting to the changes and face the hardships brought by the pandemic.

The spread of Covid 19 has generated too many restrictions in the working environments thus making it hard for nurses to effectively interact and exchange knowledge. The pandemic has also led to increased number of job losses, given the informal nature of job hunting within the nursing industry. Majority of the nurses cannot gain access to facilities that enable them secure jobs.

Afrinurse is an online platform created to enable nurses access mental health tools supplemented by a booking portal that links nurses to psychologists and other healthcare professionals online.

Additionally, Afrinurse has an educational element that nurses can easily access informational videos which provides insight into the management of infections, symptoms, vaccinations and other relevant healthcare topics.

Afrinurse is also home to a built-in job board where nurses can find jobs and also post their availability to work. A financial advisory feature is also made available on the platform to provide users with access to financial advisors and debt managers.

Nurses can now be celebrated for incredible services thanks to the Nurse Hero platform whereby the patients and doctors give their opinions via a rating and rewards system. The Ask a nurse function in the Afrinurse platform enables nurses to communicate with one another and transfer knowledge and skills to other nurses across Africa.

Nurses are rarely appreciated even after working overtime to save lives. Afrinurse focuses on providing nurses with the support they require especially during the ongoing pandemic. Reports from the International Council of Nurses indicate that the global pandemic has affected nurses and this has resulted in significant staff shortages. Additionally, the ageing of the nursing workforce combined with the declining population growth worldwide could lead to a potential shortfall of up to 13 million nurses by 2031.

Afrinurse appreciates all nurses for what they have done and continue to do for the people and the platform is open for assistance and support to all nurses.

For more information go to: https://techmoran.com/2021/05/10/afrinurse-launches-to-empower-and-support-nurses-across-africa-with-tools-for-job-hunting-mental-health-financial-and-physical-wellness-and-knowledge-sharing/