That was the joyful sound that resonated loudly at the Nurse’s Day Celebration at Tembisa Hospital on the 19th of May. We, at Afrinurse, were excited to participate in celebrating and honouring the nurses of Tembisa Hospital, as part of our #MyNurseHero campaign.

Tembisa Hospital nurses take up “I serve with a smile” as a commitment to their patients and hospital on a daily basis. After a rough couple of years with COVID-19 and tragic events, the nurses of Tembisa Hospital deserved to dance, laugh and be celebrated, so once again “Halala amaNurse Halala”!

The tone of the day was set by the brass band as they ushered the nurses in; lively, vibrant and bold celebration and it was rightfully deserved! The festivities that ensued were impactful and meaningful, from the motivational words shared by the speakers and CEO of Tembisa Hospital, Dr Mthunzi. As well as the dance styles of the dance crew that left us speechless! We were able to shed light on the Tembisa Nurse 8, a group of nurses that we have honoured by awarding them as one of the Top 100 Nurse Heroes and official cover nominees for the Top 100 Nurse Heroes magazine. The publication is known as the “Forbes” of the nursing industry, aimed at recognising the stellar, dedicated, diligent and resourceful nurses in our communities. The Tembisa Nurse 8 upheld their nursing pledge and integrity in a moment when many wouldn’t have, thus deserving such honour. The cherry on top of the cake was joyfully watching as the nurses and wards received recognition for their dedication, hard-work and consistency! It was truly a beautiful and triumphant event, so once again “Halala amaNurse Halala ''! Well done to the Planning Committee headed by Matron Ramalapa and Communications Officer, Noko Phela.

The #MyNurseHero campaign aims at changing the narrative around local nurses, by celebrating nurses for their tireless work. And furthermore uplifting remarkable stories of nurses who have gone above and beyond the call of duty. The nurses that inspire you, the nurses that give to their communities tirelessly, the nurses who are unwavering and resourcef