Healthcare Start-Up Patient Health Launches New Platform Called Afrinurse. Johannesburg-based healthtech start-up Patient Health (Pty) Ltd has launched Afrinurse, a new platform that supports and connects nurses across Africa.

Sylvester Msuthwana, founder of Patient Health told Venture Burn that the platform aims to uplift and empower nurses in Africa. “With this platform, we take care of the overall wellness of nurses, mentally, physically, and financially, by giving them an easy and secure platform to access verified professionals online. We also empower nurses by giving them access to practical, verified information while virtually connecting them to each other.”

Msuthwana explained further to Venture Burn that Afrinurse has even more features. “With the ‘Nurse Hero’ feature, first-time nurses can be celebrated for excellent service by patients and doctors through a rating and rewards system. Nurses can communicate with one another with the ‘Ask a nurse’ function to transfer knowledge and skills to other nurses across Africa.

“Now, more than ever is the time to stand together and work towards the greater good of our country and Africa as a whole. We salute our nurses and thank them for what they have done and continue to do for us. We hope that our platform can be of assistance and support to all nurses,” Msuthwana added.

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