AfroCentric Group, along with AfriNurse, showered Eluthandweni Clinic’s nurses with gifts during the International Nurses Day celebration on May 12

The gift packs that were given to the nurses of Eluthandweni Clinic in Vosloorus comprised bomber jackets, bags and the #NurseHero t-shirts.

AfroCentric employees said they came to Eluthandweni Clinic to celebrate men and women who are the backbone of the healthcare system and who make up over half of the country’s health workforce.

“As AfroCentric we are committed to supporting development in the health sector. Investing in the health sector has offered us a chance to witness the challenges and issues that nurses are facing. The International Council of Nurses (ICN) says there’s a need for real investment to be made into the nursing fraternity around the world.

“We basically agree with the council, and today we are here to put that into practice although we have been doing it for years. We started helping Eluthandweni Clinic from 2011 and we never looked back.

“We have always celebrated International Nurses Day internally. This is our first time we celebrate Nurses Day externally and with one of our beneficiary organisations,” said the AfroCentric employees."

He added by saying communities need to show more appreciation to the nurses because they always show up for them.

“They are vital frontline workers, displaying courage, care and commitment to them every day.

“Like the doctors, they are the in forefront fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic saving lives, and they are continuously providing high-quality care often working long hours without a break. And we are here today to thank them for all that they are doing.

MD of Eluthandweni Clinic Nonina Dube-Diphoko said they are happy to pampered and to be given receive gifts on the day.

“I received an award for being the best nurse. I enjoyed myself for the first time as a nurse today because I was the one who was taken care of for a change.

“We normally celebrate Nurses Day but it doesn’t reach this magnitude."

“International Nurses Day is celebrated every year, but as nurses we celebrate it with heartaches, because we lack resources. We can’t work to our full potential because of that.

“We are mostly overworked because there’s a shortage of nurses in our country but I hope all those problems will be solved in the future.

MD of Eluthandweni Clinic Nonina Dube-Dphoko.

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