The #MyNurseHero campaign was birthed to recognize remarkable nurses and change the narrative around our local nurses. We aim to celebrate and acknowledge exceptional nurses on a grand scale for the whole nation to see with our “Top 100 Nurse Heroes Magazine”, the “Forbes” of the nursing industry. Furthermore, assist nurses in wearing their profession with pride with our Nurse Hero merchandise.

When we heard the story of Eluthandweni Maternity Clinic, we knew we had found a story for our publication. What we didn’t expect, however, was to be welcomed so warmly by the clinic’s team from Rose at the reception desk to the lovely scone ladies, and Mrs. Diphoko herself. The story of Dolly Dube and Nonina Dube-Diphoko embodies the purpose of the campaign, and the reception at the clinic made it the perfect institution to have our official launch.

On the 12th of May - International Nurses Day, we launched our #MyNurseHero campaign at the clinic in a charming fashion rightfully deserved by a team of nurses that cherish their commitment to their community.

Afrinurse, alongside Afrocentric Group, received the pleasure of honoring Nonina and the nurses of Eluthandweni Maternity Clinic with care packages perfect for a busy on-the-go nurse. The festivities of the day included a word or two from the Afrinurse CEO and an Afrocentric Group representative. We chose to pay homage to Nonina by awarding her as the first Top 100 Nurse Hero and giving her a memorable Nurse Experience worthy of a Nurse Hero! We flew in an elite make-up artist that gave Nonina an elegant and radiant glow, in preparation for her exclusive professional photoshoot. The images will be published in the “ Top 100 Nurse Heroes Magazine”.

Mam’Dube birthed the clinic and Nonina has nurtured that legacy; a legacy that has run seamlessly because of the team of people that are at work every single day. The team of nurses, midwives, doulas, receptionists, paramedics, and others who enrich, engage, and nurse that legacy. The story of rising to meet your community in need, selfless dedication, and a strong work ethic; that’s the story of Eluthandweni Maternity Clinic, and that’s what #MyNurseHero stands for!

So we’ve honoured Nonina as a Nurse Hero, and now it’s time for the other nurses at the clinic to have their own #MyNurseHero experience. All you have to do is get family, patients, and colleagues to nominate you at; and who knows you might, also, find yourself in the “Top 100 Nurse Heroes Magazine”!

Thank you, Eluthandweni Maternity Clinic, for hosting us and making us feel at home. You are indeed our Nurse Heroes!

Our Nurse Hero looking picture perfect